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Anna Brading from Mentora Money
Almost half of UK Adults don't feel confident Managing Their Money. That was my story too... 


I was well educated with a Maths degree, even had a reasonably good salary, but still lived paycheck-to-paycheck, with no plan for future growth. I spent most of my 20s like this...  with bad money habits, a glass income-ceiling over my head, and underlying money anxiety. 

Until I started my own journey of financial literacy, reading books from the Money Masters, learning and understanding the basic money principles. 

Over the space of a couple of years, my life began to dramatically change as my husband and I started implementing these financial principles into our lives. Before long, we had broken bad habits, took control of our money and had started multiple streams of income.

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Financial Education Instructor

After experiencing the power of these money principles in my own life, I decided to become a Certified Financial Education Instructor so I could help others find the same transformation.  

I founded @MoneyForMillennials (TikTok) which later became @MentoraMoney (IG) and now help thousands of people get financially literate and master their money. 



Helping people grow


When you experience first-hand the transformational power of financial literacy, your life changes. Dramatically.

But only a small percentage of people have a financial education or guidance on how to handle money. This means the majority of people feel ill-equipped and often get stuck.

And we think this is wrong.

These are real people, families, children and households. Can you imagine the impact of a good financial knowlege for all those people? For families? For our economy?

So we have made it our mission to help as many people as possible learn these financial principles and reduce money stress.

Our Money Mentoring Platform helps people understand and implement these principles with the step-by-step guidance they need. 

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