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Honest. Educational. Funny.

Money can bring a lot of underlying worry, stress and anxiety. Just like the majority of millennials and Gen Z, we weren’t taught many of these principles at School... So we have created this space to have the conversation, each week dive into a different theme, draw out simple money principles to help us set up our money for growth.
Simon & Anna Brading planning mentora podcast
'Absolutely Love Your Podcast'

It is full of such wisdom and knowledge and you guys make my laugh each time I listen to it. I can't wait for each week's podcast to come out and I have now finally got my husband to listen to a podcast too.

Loren Addie

'I Really Enjoyed It'

I found it relatable and look forward to listening to more of them.

Cillian Browne

'A Great Podcast'

A very easy listening and informative podcast grounded in the reality of everyday life. Thanks to both Simon and Anna for all their practical suggestions and stories.


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